Saturday, December 1, 2018

Welcome To Flagler Beach Florida

Welcome to Flagler Beach. This historic, quiet, and scenic oceanside town is located on the East Coast of Florida, 20 miles north of Daytona Beach, and 30 miles south of St. Augustine on Highway A1A. This scenic, quaint, and laid back beach community on the Atlantic Ocean is like stepping back in time and revisiting 'Old Florida'. Flagler Beach, and the surrounding communities are all about slowing down, getting away from the daily hustle and bustle, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors and nature. Flagler Beach was incorporated in April 1925. Here is where you can experience six miles of uncrowded beach. This is a popular place for tourists, sunbathers, and surfers. The Atlantic Ocean provides constant pounding waves that are quite a sight to behold. Fishing is also a very popular activity, mostly from the Flagler City Pier. But on the west side the intracoastal waterway provides a perfect venue for boating, kayaking, canoeing, birdwatching, and fishing. This side of Flagler Beach is also a spectacular area to see.

Upon arriving, as soon as you see the pier, you are in the downtown area of Flagler Beach. Flagler Beach does not allow over developing of their community. Here you won't find anything but small retail establishments. With a variety of small motels, restaurants and retail shops. They include bait and tackle, florists, hair salons, coffee house, boutiques and speciality shops, dollar store, gas and convenience stores, art, jewelery, used books and gifts just to mention some. Flagler Beach does not have a grocery store, so the closest Publix is 22 miles south in Ormond Beach, or 11 miles north in Palm Coast. What I like to do when visiting Flagler Beach is bring my own food and drinks, and picnic at the variety of tables right on the beach. You couldn't find a more spectacular place to enjoy a meal. But just to warn you, make sure you pull off at the designated areas otherwise the cops will stop and inform you no parking allowed there. All parking along Highway A1A is clearly marked.

This area at the Flagler Pier gets very busy on the weekends, so arrive early if you can. The tourists, sunbathers, and surfers love it here. When I visit, I always eat breakfast at the Pier Restaurant, located at the entrance to the fishing pier. They open at 7am. The tables next to the windows overlooking the beach and pier fill up fast, so plan accordingly for those prized seats, and you'll understand the term 'table with a view'. While some people might complain about the food, it's always excellent. I have never had a bad meal. Eggs, bacon, ham, fried potatoes, toast, etc., always fresh and delicious. Coffee is really bad, but you might like it. I would recommend orange juice.

The Flagler Beach Airport is located at 201 Airport Road in Palm Coast Florida. The airfield consists of two 5,000 foot long runways and a 3,000 foot water runway. Flagler Beach City Hall is located at 105 South 2nd Street. There are a lot of benefits to a small town. One is most everything is easily within walking distance. And that is certainly the case in Flagler Beach. Also the Library is located at 315 South 7th Street, which is 3 blocks south of the pier. Here you will find the tennis courts and the boardwalk that goes through the mangroves to the intracoastal waterway.

When you are ready to explore more of the area, head north on Highway A1A to Palm Coast. I would highly recommend Washington Oaks State Park. Just an incredibly beautiful park with featuring many oak trees that form a canopy. Myself and many others online would not recommend Marineland of Florida, just north a few miles from Washington Oaks. Don't waste your money or your time. The new owners have totally redone and destroyed a once great historical landmark.

Flagler Beach is the place that everyone wants to be. From Ormond-By-The-Sea to Palm Coast, this coastline is visible to travelers for 17 miles. There is not another area like this in the entire state which is what makes Flagler Beach and the surrounding communities such a special place. With the Atlantic Ocean constantly churning such powerful and awe inspiring waves, the surfers are drawn here daily. Just strolling down the beach is truely an adventure, as you routinely will find yourself not seeing anyone else for miles and miles most times. Another site here are the pelicans who fly along the beach daily, always in a group 9 or more. With the ocean breezes being strong at times, you will find these birds just gliding along at a pretty fast clip, with them just steering themselves along.

The picnic area along the pier entrance is a great place for many photo-ops. Also everyone is so friendly here and eager to enjoy your observations and conversation.

Flagler Beach City Pier is located at 215 South Oceanshore Blvd (Highway A1A). The pier is open from 6am-midnight seven days a week. The original pier was constructed by a Jacksonville company and finished in 1927. Over the years the pier was extended to 1000 feet, but with bad weather and hurricanes over the decades, the pier has been knocked down from time to time. According to, the years Flagler Beach was affected by hurricanes was 1960, 1968, 1979, 1981, and 2004. Today the pier is 806 feet long. The walk out rate for the pier is $1.50 and the fishing rate is $6.00. Daily. A heck of a deal considering where you are and the spectacular view you have from the pier.

Farmers Market

A very popular place is the Farmers Market in Flagler Beach. Open every Friday and Saturday from sunrise to mid afternoon in the large lot across from Flagler Pier and next to Veteran's Park. This is a great place place to find a wide variety of locally grown vegetables, wood and metal art, handcrafted jewelry, food, jellies, drinks, soaps, coffee, snacks, seafood, and many other items. The market is always the place to be in Flagler Beach and also to meet the nicest people.

This is a boardwalk I found in 2007 after many Google searches on the area. This is a really great place to visit. This is located behind the Flagler Beach Library at 315 7th Street South, off Highway A1A, and four blocks south of the pier. I can't really find any info on this area and nature preserve boardwalk, but it does wind through the mangroves, and then splits into two, both ending up at the quiet and peaceful intracoastal waterway. This is a great place to see many types of birds. Both ends of the boardwalk are primarily used for fishing, and can be seen clearly from the bridge on Highway 100 (Moody Blvd.) that extends from Highway A1A to I-95.

Another favorite thing you can do along the shore is dig for mole crabs, but actually fishermen call them sand fleas. These are very common on the northeast Florida beaches in the warmer months. If you disturb them, they will quickly bury themselves again as fast as possible. It's a very entertaining thing to do here. Also you will usually see lots of holes dug in the sand all over the beach. These are Fiddler Crabs, and they will usually keep a low profile, especially if people come snooping around. They have huge claws, and are not afraid to use them to defend themselves. Males have the biggest. Sometimes you can get a long stick to put down the holes and can occasionally get crabs to run out. It's pretty harmless really. To increase your chances of finding crabs, look for the holes that have the freshest sand kicked out around it.

Florida State Parks In Flagler Beach
The Florida State Parks at Flagler are Bulow Plantation Ruins at county road 2001, and the Gamble Rogers Memorial Recreation Area at 3100 Highway A1A. Also don't miss Flagler Beach Historical Museum at 207 South Central Avenue.